Cloudflare IP Access Rules

Use this guide to add BackupSheep IPs to IP Access Rules in Cloudflare

If you are using Cloudflare or similar tools with your WordPress website then you may face error messages like "Enable JavaScript and cookies to continue"

This is because Cloudflare may see requests coming from BackupSheep servers as requests from a Bot. To setup integration correctly and to avoid any future issues it's highly recommended that you add BackupSheep IPs to IP Access Rules in your Cloudflare account.

1. Get the IP address of your BackupSheep server

The IP address will depend on the backup server you choose when setting up the WordPress integration. Based on the image the IPs we have are and 2a01:4f8:2200:1466::2 It's recommended to add both IPs.


Do not use IPs from this guide

The IPs used in this guide are not used in Production. Your BackupSheep IPs will be different and IPs depend on backup server you choose for your integration.

2. Navigate to the IP Access Rules page in your Cloudflare account

The IP Access Rules can be found here Security >> WAF >> Tools

3. Add BackupSheep IPv4 and IPv6

Now add both IPs and 2a01:4f8:2200:1466::2 one by one. Set Action to Allow and Zone to This website OR All websites in account If you want to add rules for all websites in your Cloudflare account.