Exclude Files From Website Backup

Sample rules to exclude files & directories from website backup

It's always a good idea to exclude any unwanted files/folders from your backup. This will increase your backup speed and consume less storage space.

On the node modify page you will see the following boxes where you can add exclude rules based on regular expression and glob pattern.

Using Regular Expression - Regex

Exclude directories starting with a dot in the root/landing directory.^.
Exclude directories starting with a dot in all sub-directories./.
Exclude .svn directory in root/landing directory.^.svn
Exclude .svn directory in root/landing directory (for case insensitive)^.([sS][vV][nN])
Exclude .svn directories in all sub-directories./.svn
Exclude .svn directories in all sub-directories (for case insensitive)/.([sS][vV][nN])
Exclude .php files in all sub-directories..php$
Exclude .php files from wp-include but not its subdirectories^wp-include/[^/]*.php$
Exclude .php files from wp-include and all its subdirectories^wp-include/(.*).php$
Exclude multiple file extensions using one rule.(log|cache|html|vb?|ws?)$

Using Glob Pattern

Exclude .zip files in all sub-directories.*.zip
Exclude .svn directories from the root and all sub-directories..svn/
Exclude log files*.log*