How it works?

Automate snapshots of your cloud servers and volumes.

BackupSheep allows you to automate cloud server backups without the need for coding. You can schedule automatic snapshots and snapshot lifecycle policies for servers and volumes.

The automated snapshots generated by BackupSheep remain within your cloud hosting account, similar to manual snapshots.

Exporting cloud server snapshots is not permitted by cloud hosting providers. However, BackupSheep allows you to set up website and database backups for offsite storage.

BackupSheep does not charge for cloud server snapshots since they are stored with your cloud hosting provider. Your cloud hosting provider may charge for snapshot storage.

With BackupSheep, you can avoid paying the extra 20% monthly backup fee charged by most cloud hosting providers. You can manage the snapshot schedules and retention policy for cloud servers from multiple hosting providers using one dashboard. You can also grant access to your teams and clients.