Incremental Backups

This guide will help you configure incremental backups of your server and files


Requirements for incremental backups

  • Incremental backups are only available if your website/file server integration is connected using SSH (public/private key) method.
  • Your server must have enough space available for storing temporary backup archive.
  • You must have Tar archiving utility available in your server command line.

1. Create Node

Click on the Create Node button on your website/file-server integration which is connected using SSH (public/private key).

2. Select Backup Type

Open the Backup Type dropdown and select Incremental

3. Add Temporary Backup Directory Path

You must have enough space on your server to store a temporary backup archive. This archive is deleted when BackupSheep downloads the archive. Once it's downloaded then BackupSheep uploads it to storage providers based on your schedule settings.

4. Create The First/Level-0 Backup

The very first backup of your node will be full-backup and may take some time to complete. Any subsequent backups will only contain changed files since the full backup.

5. Reset File History

If for any reason you want to reset your incremental backups for a node then click on reset link beside the Backups heading in the Node box. Once you do the reset the next backup will be a full-backup/level-0 backup.

5. Restore Incremental Backup

In order to recover the data directory, the initial step is to pull out the data directory from the level 0 backup. This is necessary as the level 0 backup forms the foundation of the data directory.

Make sure you are in the directory where you want the backup to be restored. You can navigate through your file system with the cd (change directory) command. For instance, to move to the directory /mydirectory/, you would use:

cd /mydirectory/

Begin by restoring the full backup (level 0) using the tar command:

tar -xvf full-backup.tar

This will extract all files and directories from the 'full-backup.tar' into the current directory.

Now, restore each of the incremental backups, in the order they were created. Start with the first incremental backup and move forward:

tar --listed-incremental=/dev/null -xvf inc-backup-1.tar
tar --listed-incremental=/dev/null -xvf inc-backup-2.tar

And so on, until you have restored all the incremental backups.

Each of these commands will update the files and directories in your current directory with the changes saved in the corresponding incremental backup.

Please remember to replace 'full-backup.tar', 'inc-backup-1.tar', etc. with the actual names of your backup files.