PostgreSQL pg_dump Options

Use this guide to add custom pg_dump options to your PostgreSQL database nodes

Using Custom pg_dump Options in PostgreSQL Nodes

You can add custom pg_dump options to your PostgreSQL database nodes. By default, you don't need to specify any option. However, in some cases, you may need to specify custom options depending on your needs.

Test Your Backup with Custom Options

Once you add your option then test your backup using on-demand backup to make sure your backup is valid and options are working as per your requirement.

Restricted pg_dump Options

For application security, BackupSheep doesn't allow all the pg_dump options. The pg_dump options mentioned in the table below are allowed. If you want us to include any option in this list then contact support.

Your PostgreSQL may not support all options. Refer to check supported options.


How to add pd_dump options?

To add the pg_dump option to your PostgreSQL node open the node detail page and click on the node modify button.

On the node modify page you will see a text box with the label PostgresSQL(pg_dump) Options. Add all your options here. Options must be separated by space. Example

--column-inserts --no-owner --no-comments --no-privileges --rows-per-insert=500 --if-exists --clean