Vultr Snapshot Automation

This guide will help you connect your Hetzner account with BackupSheep

With BackupSheep, you can schedule automatic snapshots and snapshot lifecycle policy for Vultr servers without writing code.

To connect your Vultr account you need to use your Hetzner API Token.

Important Notes:

  • The automated snapshots created by BackupSheep stay within your Vultr account, and they are the same as if you make a manual snapshot.
  • Vultr doesn't allow the export of snapshots.
  • BackupSheep doesn't charge you anything for storage used by snapshots because they are stored with your Vultr account. Vultr will charge you a storage fee for snapshots.
  • Vultr allows only 11 snapshots per server, so configure your schedule accordingly.

Please follow the steps below to configure Vultr snapshot automation. If you have any questions then please reach out to live chat or email [email protected]

1. Goto API page from top-right menu:

2. Copy the personal access token:

3. Add Endpoint IPs to Access List (our IPs are showing in step 8):

4. Goto Integrations page in your BackupSheep account and open the Vultr integrations page:

Make sure the Read & Write option is selected

5. Click on Setup Vultr Integration:

6. Add your API token in the API Key field:

7. Now you can link your server nodes:

8. Link cloud servers:

9. Create a schedule to automate snapshots: