To setup a website, you need to add a website account first. Click on accounts in the top menu. Then click connect account.


Then click the connect button on the website tile.


You will see the following popup.


Fill all details and click the connect button. Once the account is added then you can connect your files and folder of your websites to backup. After adding account click on websites in the top menu and then click connect website. On the next page select the account of the website which you want to connect.


Once you select the account from the dropdown then you will see the list of files and folders available to backup. By default, all files and folders will be backed up. However, you can choose to backup specific files and folders.


Now add a name for your website and click the 'add website' button. On successful save you will be redirected to websites page where you can see newly added websites. Click on the name of your newly added website and you will see the following screen.


You can create an on-demand backup of your website or you can click on the + sign beside schedule to create a backup schedule for your website. If you have any questions then feel free to open a support ticket or email us at

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