Now you can unzip any of your website backups and mount on private SFTP containers. This allows you to browse your files and folders of any of your backup using standard SFTP clients.

When you request SFTP access then we download a copy of the backup from storage on which it was stored and then that backup is unzipped and then mounted on a fresh Docker container.

Depending on the size of backup it may take a few minutes to set up SFTP access. You will get an email when it's ready and the SFTP container is destroyed after 24 hours. You can disable the SFTP container yourself and enable it whenever you like.

Login details such as username, password and port will be different anytime you enable/disable SFTP container and it will be different for different backups. To find details of your SFTP container click on the settings button for a given backup or click on backup ID.

You can also activate multiple SFTP containers :)

New SFTP access button:


Backup details page:


Email when SFTP access is ready:

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