If you are having trouble setting up WordPress integration with your BackupSheep account or your backups are failing then please download, install and activate our debug plugin for WordPress.

Please Read Carefully

  • Using backup plugins on very large websites does involve some risks. So please read the caution section before you proceed.

  • Our WordPress plugin integration doesn't work with WordPress Multisite setup.

  • We recommend that you use our Website and Database integrations instead. The WordPress plugin is only for users who are unable to use our integrations because of hosting limitations.

1. Using Cloudflare, Stackpath or any WordPress security plugin?

If your website is using Cloudflare, Stackpath or some kind of security plugin in your WordPress website then please add the IP address of your selected endpoints to the firewall and exclude URLs with word backupsheep from any type of caching.

2. If you still get errors then please use the following troubleshooting steps

You can download the plugin here https://backupsheep.com/download/plugins/wordpress/backupsheep_debug.zip

The debug plugin is the same plugin but it has errors and warnings enabled and the version number is set to 0

After you install & activate the plugin then open the following URL


Replace YOUR_KEY with your WordPress key.

If everything is working fine then you will see the following output

If there's something wrong then you will see errors on the page. If you need help with the errors then please contact support and send the full URL above so we can investigate.

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