On Friday 19th August 2022 our database backup server in Europe lost the IPv4 address and 2a01:4f8:261:5828::2 due to a billing error with our hosting provider.

This resulted in disruption in database backups since Friday. We have deployed 5 new database backup servers. However, you will need to update the IP address in your database access configuration and firewall(if any).

The new database backup server IPs are following. You only need to add the IPs of the location you want to use.


IPv4 Address

IPv6 Address

Europe 01 (IP Changed)


Europe 02 (new server)


Europe 03 (new server)


Europe 04 (new server)


Europe 05 (new server)


You do not need to delete nodes. To move the node to use a new backup server you just have to modify integration. Which you can do here Integrations - Database ( Just click on Modify button and choose from one of the locations above.

We apologize for the inconvenience. If you need help then feel free to use our live chat tool or contact support at

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