Starting Jan 1st, 2023 you can access your BackupSheep storage using any S3 client from your computer or web or API client.

We are offering users easy access to their storage buckets on BackupSheep for easy integration and data portability.

BackupSheep Storage is included in your plan and your free storage limit depends on your plan level. If you want to use more then the extra storage cost is $0.005/GB/Month.

Important: Do not upload any files to your storage buckets. BackupSheep storage is only intended for backups generated by BackupSheep, read-only access and integrations.

To access login details follow the steps mentioned below.

Click the Integrations button on the top right and scroll down to the storage platforms section. You will see the new BackupSheep option there.

Click on the View Details button to see login details for your storage account.

You will see S3 access details for your storage box. You can use any S3 client to access and download files.

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